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Centricity is an excellent EMR system usually targeted at large scale medical practices. Their success is based on the combination of clinical and financial management for mobile devices and tablets, allowing healthcare professionals to have their patient’s information and data on the move.

Centricity Reports

Among Centricity EMR key advantages:

  • It focuses on patient outcome, with a series of report generating tools that allow comparisons between both local and national practices.
  • It integrates with several medical devices and medical imaging systems.
  • It offers an e-prescribing functionality and a patient portal with appointment scheduling options.
  • It gives access to billing statements and lab results.     
  • It integrates with the Medical Quality Improvement Consortium.

If you are currently using Centricity to manage your medical practice, Health Metrica has come up with a technical solution that can take your healthcare organization to a higher level. This solution will generate an excellent outcome and improve your workflow in the short term, based on the following points:

  1. Increasing visibility into the practice operations via Business Intelligence dashboards built for Centricity databases.
  2. Increasing patient access via automated Recalls by CPT codes.
  3. Customizing reports with filtering and sorting capabilities by any data recorded in Centricity.
  4. Producing joint views of your data with information coming from different tables in your Centricity database.
  5. Merging multiple Centricity databases to give you a consolidated view of all your practices.
  6. Generating metrics and alerts on any parameter derived from the data recorded in your Centricity database.
  7. Producing blazing-fast reports that take 5 to 10 seconds to run regardless of the size of your database.

In this image, you can see one of many customizable billing reports created by Health Metrica. In this report, in particular, 7 different filters are being used (located on the tabs on the top) providing as general or as detailed visibility as needed.  This report filters revenue by procedure codes, insurance, facilities and/or providers.

The graph included in the image displays the total number of cases in a monthly interval for the whole fiscal year.  With a click of a few buttons, you can filter the data as desired and view the report you want to see. For example, if you want to compare the number of cases and revenue generated with a certain insurance carrier between 2 locations, you can do it in seconds.  It is as easy as selecting the desired filters and your report is available to you immediately.

Another key advantage of our solution is that we can ingest data from the beginning of your Centricity EMR implementation. So if you started with us 6 months ago but wanted to compare this year’s cases and revenue to 3 years ago, you absolutely could do that as long as you had Centricity for at least 3 years. Because our data ingestion depends solely on the age of your EMR or billing system, you can formulate trends and comparisons from any angle you choose. 

The possibilities are endless. Health Metrica works closely with its customers to build the dashboards that are applicable to them.  We take the time to figure out what their needs are and how we can help their practice or health care business grow with less effort and have their data work for them.

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